fall 2017 update

A lot has happened since I first started building this site in late 2015: I finished my thesis and graduated from UCLA, moved inland, and started working full-time in the library at UC Riverside. Plus… the election happened.

For most people I know, life since last November has felt a lot like careening from one crisis to the next (like, even more than usual), with constant uncertainty, panic, and immediate-response organizing around healthcare, immigration status, white nationalist violence, etc. I know I’m still getting my bearings as to how longer-term projects (like work on this site) fit in to the current world order, and how to make the time and space for them.

On the technical side, I’ve migrated away from a big corporate hosting provider to Reclaim Hosting, which I’m super happy about. I’m also taking this as an opportunity to reevaluate and redesign the bloated and perpetually unfinished Drupal site that was here before, and look into other CMS and static site options (trying out Jekyll for now).

On the people side, I’ve come to the (totally obvious) conclusion that the personal project model of “me doing this alone in bits and pieces of insomniac spare time” is not going to cut it for building the kind of thorough, well-made and inclusive resource I want this site to be.

So going forward, more important than any of the particular technical details is going to be learning to share this project with other people, and setting up intentional processes and structures around planning, decision-making, outreach and transparency. This is all in the earliest of planning stages, so if you’re interested in being involved in any capacity (no tech skills needed!), please get in touch at ngeraci@protonmail.com or on Twitter @_ngeraci. The code for this site is on Github.

<3 Take care,